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About our emblem

Our emblem is the rod of Asclepius personified as a patient advancing his or her health.  This symbol represents health, progress, and advancement. 

Accurate symbol of health?

Emblem of Health


The rod of Asclepius is the accurate symbol of health characterized by a rod and a single serpent or snake.  Asclepius is the Greek God of medicine, son of Apollo.  He is often depicted with a rod and intertwined single serpent.  He was known to be a hero and healer of humankind.  


The rod of Asclepius symbolizes the commitment of Physicians of Medicine to medicine by physicians.  This practice is committed to delivering physician-led medical care with physician level education, training, experience and expertise.  Semper medicus is Latin for always physician.

Rod of Asclepius



Side note:  The rod of Asclepius, the actual symbol of health, is often confused with the Caduceus, the symbol of commerce.  The Caduceus inaccurately became a more popular symbol of healthcare after a US Army officer decided to adopt the Caduceus as the symbol for Army Medicine.  This article quickly explains the history and difference.  The World Health Organization uses the rod of Asclepius.  Ironically the US Army Medical Department recently changed their regimental crest to the rod of Asclepius but maintains the Caduceus as the officer branch symbols for all medical and dental officers.

Emblem of Progress and Advancement


Our symbol also represents progress in medicine and in your personal life.  The knowledge of medicine and technology are exponentially rising and requires medical professionals to remain educated, trained, and aggressive in delivering the most advanced treatments.  Physicians of Medicine is committed to becoming the leader of medicine and health-care technology. 


We want our patients to advance their health to spend more quality time in their lives with family, to perform their best work, and to enjoy the most at leisure.  We seek to reduce time spent with healthcare through aggressive preventive medicine, sustainable weight loss and weight control.  Please read more about our practice philosophy, weight control program, and our medical services.

We are breaking the old, traditional way of doing medicine from 20 years ago by embracing technology.  Many follow-up appointments do not require the traditional in-person evaluation.  Virtual or telemedicine services save our patients time while delivering the same high standard of care.  We have been using the industry's best televideo service, Zoom, even before the COVID 19 pandemic.  

We electronically prescribe, electronically order procedures and electronically share records through our cutting-edge electronic healthcare record, AdvancedMD.  We move medicine, healthcare technology, and your health forward.  


Our symbol also represents how you, the patient, should advance your health and your life.  Whether your health is poor, good, or excellent, always move forward.  Find yourself the right medical team to advance your health goals.  Whether your life is poor, good, or excellent, always move forward.  Honor the past by learning from it.  Capture the present by making wonderful memories with loved ones and friends.  Set honorable goals; execute your plans to accomplish these goals; with every challenge, keep moving forward. 

Health, progress, and advancement live here.

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