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First visit

What to expect on the first visit
for weight loss consultation

1. Before the first visit


Prior to your first visit for weight loss, please complete the registration


During the first visit, we will review your medical history and the terms of service.  The terms of service contains an overview of the program, cost of appointments, cost of technology, cost email/text/portal of care, cost of medications, and schedule of appointments.  For those who choose to self-pay rates (also known as out of network or "cash" pay rates), then the initial appointment is $300 and follow up appointments are $250.  If there are any problems with your insurance, then the price is the self-pay rates.  If you accept the terms of service, then we will determine which medication is best for you for most cases on the first visit.

If you have labs with in the past 90 days, then please bring copies of the following information with you on the first visit: 

  1.  EKG/ECG

  2.  CBC (complete blood count)

  3.  CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel) or BMP (basic metabolic panel) plus hepatic panel (liver enzymes)

  4.  Lipid (cholesterol panel)

  5.  TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)

  6.  Vitamins D and B12 levels

Hint:  Use your current primary care practice's portal to download the above information.  

If you do not have these labs with in the past 90 days, we will order them.

2. During the appointment/visit for weight loss

As with any medical appointment, your history, vitals signs, height and weight will be taken.  Your abdominal circumference will be measured.  Additional weight related forms will be given to you to be completed. 

During this visit, the team teaches you about the disease of unhealthy weight and the current data for treatment.  The team will also review your data, develop the best courses of actions, and finalize your goals and prescriptions.  Most of the time, patients will be given prescriptions for nutrition, exercise, self-monitoring, and appetite controlling medications.  With some patients with very complex medical conditions, the team may need to focus first on reducing weight-promoting medications prior to initiating appetite controlling medications.

3. After the visit and follow up

If additional work up is needed, then we will help you coordinate the appointments. 

You should be ready to follow up every 2 weeks for the first 2 months.  If the you are on track (losing weight appropriately) after 2 months, then follow up appointments will be monthly.  During follow up appointments, data on nutrition, exercise, and self-monitoring are reviewed along with the effectiveness of the medications.   


Lab Checks:


Periodically, we check your liver and kidney function (blood work) for safety (as with any new medications).  After you lose at least 5-10 percent weight loss or after you achieve your weight loss goal, we will also recheck your cholesterol and A1C (if you are diabetic/prediabetic).  Remember, this program requires your commitment to change your life-style.  Any commitment worth fulfilling requires time, energy, and work.

If you're ready, bring the motivation; we bring the training and knowledge. Together we bring down your weight with successful sustained weight control.  Book an appointment below.

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