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Our Mission


Our mission here at Physicians of Medicine is to deliver physician-led, team-based comprehensive acute, routine, preventive medical care to the adult populations of the McKinney, Prosper, Frisco, and surrounding areas with the goal of helping our patients to live longer, healthier lives.


Our vision is to be the leading example of high quality and most up to date medicine in the community.  We expect our patients to demand the best medicine available from us, and we pursue to deliver medicine of excellence.



We value long-term relationships (continuity) with our patients and expect our patients to keep preventive appointments and regular appointments for those with chronic diseases.  We aggressively treat chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, etc.) to exceed goals.  Prevention is our first priority.  We demand that our patients keep their annual physicals so we can detect disease as early as possible and keep our patients living healthier, longer lives.




We expect our patients to be engaged, and our patients expect the most up to date medical expertise from us.  We utilize the best electronic health care record, AdvancedMD.  We communicate in-person, telemedicine, and through our patient portal.  



Our patients are business leaders, professionals, family leaders and retirees.  Our team takes the time to understand your medical needs and develop plans to alleviate those medical burdens.  We often care for those with most serious of diseases or those near the end-of-life.



We respect your time and carefully balance the need for appointments.  We ask our patients to reciprocate this respect for our time by keeping appointments.  We aggressively pursue follow-up appointments with telemedicine.  We want our patients spending more time making memories with their families, executing their best at work, and living their lives rather than losing half-day for a medical appointment.  We expect patients to be respectful to our staff and demand that our staff always be respectful with our patients.

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