7,100+ pounds down!


  • Over 7100 lbs of weight loss

  • 77 patients with 30+ lbs of weight loss

  • Reductions in blood pressure and diabetic meds 

Overall Results

325 patients

7153 lbs total weight loss

(as of 30 September 2020)

Why weight?  Get results with us.  Scroll down for more specific results.

Weight Loss Category Results

27% lost between 5-9 lbs.

73% lost 10 lbs or more.

40% lost 20 lbs or more.

Although measuring by pounds lost is exciting, percent body weight lost is more clinically relevant.  To review percent body weight loss. . . scroll down.

Clinically Relevant Results

68% of our patients achieve clinically relevant weight loss (defined as 5% or more of their original body weight).

37% lost 10% or more of their original body weight.

These are overall results and include those who just started and those who have been treated over 1 year.  Scroll down for time-based results.

Time-based Results

These results reflect sustained weight control (both weight loss and maintenance).


Those patients with 6 months or more of follow up lose on average 32 lbs.


Those patients with 6 months or more of follow up lose on average 14% of their total body weight.


The first silver graph shows the average weight loss of patients at different follow up time intervals (3 months or less of follow up data, 3 mo or more, 6 mo or more, etc.).

For clarification, the 3 mo or more data does include the data from 6, 9, 12 or more.

The 6 mo or more data includes the 9 and 12 mo data.

Consult with your primary care physician or with us.  Remember, it's never just about the medications, just about nutrition, just about monitoring yourself, nor just about exercise.  All four principles of obesity medicine must be followed resulting in significant life-style changes and sustained weight loss.  If you're ready, bring the motivation; we bring the training and knowledge.

Why weight for results?  Let's get results together. 

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